Power Mac G5

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Power Mac G5

Postby cephy » Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:15 pm

Hi Clinton,

My kids' computer is a Power Mac G5 running mac os x 10.4. Would enchanting work with this computer? I know I can try it, but I prefer to know that thing would work before showing them something.


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Re: Power Mac G5

Postby clintonb » Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:44 am

Hi Rob.

Yes, I believe it will.

- LEGO had a driver for the older Macs; it looks like NXT-G supported 10.3.9. [I don't know if the latest drivers are universal; if you don't have one installed, you may have to hunt down an old one]
- Scratch is a universal binary (and, by extension, so is Enchanting, which runs on the same Squeak virtual machine)
- You should have a version of Java, and I think it is new enough. Not entirely sure on this one.
- Hmm... What about the JINI code that lets Java talk to the hardware. Wait -- the tutorial for leJOS says "This version of the tutorial is for the 0.9 release of leJOS NXJ and is compatible with OS X 10.4 or higher and both intel and ppc processors."

I think it'll work. Really, though, you simply need to download it and try it. (Try it out yourself before getting your kids' hopes up!)


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