Export program to nxt

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Export program to nxt

Postby laotseut » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:42 pm

Sorry for my english, but i am a french teatcher.
I want to export a program to the nxt because when he shut down all be lost.
Somebody can help me... I hope

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Re: Export program to nxt

Postby clintonb » Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:25 pm

Hi laotseut.

When you build a program in Enchanting, connect a robot, and hit the green flag, it builds and uploads the program. The program stays on your NXT until you delete it, or replace it with a different Enchanting program.

If you save it on your computer, you can put it back on the NXT any time you like. If you turn off the NXT, the Enchanting program that you last had on it is still there when you turn it on again, ready to be run from the menus.

I'm not sure if that helps. There are two more advanced things you can do, but I don't know if they are what you want.
- From the File menu, you can choose "Export Code..." It'll export the Enchanting project to Java code that you can compile with some effort. It does not include the images or sounds of a project, and I don't imagine it is really what you want to do.
- You can run the "Browse Files" utility that is in the same directory as Enchanting, and copy files off of and on to your NXT.

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