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Context Help

Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 5:10 pm
by esandy
My middle school computer programming students are now using Enchanting to program an NXT 2.0 line-follower robot that uses a color sensor. The students have used Scratch in previous years and BYOB for the first part of this school year; in those lessons they have been conditioned to click the context "Help" option on a block to learn how to use the block correctly. However, blocks that have been created in Enchanting have no Help content. Please help us teach Enchanting by adding the missing context help to Enchanting blocks.

Also: Please create a page on the Enchanting website that is a users' reference to the blocks that are unique to Enchanting. The page should identify the block name and a description of how to use it (same as context help). This users' reference will also inform those potentially interested before they download Enchanting.

Thanks for all the improvements to Enchanting since this time two years ago, the last time I taught this programming class. Enchanting operates much more consistently now and this year my students are learning more quickly with less frustration.

Re: Context Help

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 3:06 pm
by clintonb
Hi esandy.

I'm glad to hear your students are having some success with Enchanting.

I agree that documentation is very important. I have a wiki for Enchanting, and am grateful for help.

The documentation I have provided is:
1) sample programs that come with Enchanting
2) the Enchanting cards

Many blocks need context in order to be understood, and these provide it, albeit with no description as to what the individual block is doing.

I'd actually forgotten about the help screens you mention.

The long and the short is, as much as I'd love to see it, this is not a priority for me and I haven't got time to work on this now. (At the moment, I'm renovating my basement. Injuring my left hand ten days ago really hasn't helped!)

Should anyone else wish to do it -- either making up screens or documenting on the wiki -- give me a shout. I can also look things over or fill in blanks.