Problem connecting to NXT

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Problem connecting to NXT

Postby emrys » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:00 pm

Hi all,

I have an NXT 2.0 I'm using with a Ubuntu 17.04 Linux laptop, and I'd like to use Enchanting version, but I can't get the software to recognize my NXT. I've built Enchanting from source to avoid (hopefully) any problems with the .deb package. I've updated the NXT firmware to leJOS 0.9.1 (rev. 6595) successfully. Running with the NXT connected via the USB cable, I see the following output from Enchanting:

Code: Select all

Enchanting Messenger is attempting to (re-)connect.
Scratch Messenger is attempting to (re-)connect.
NXT Messenger is attempting to (re-)connect.
Running Command = { "/usr/bin/scratch" "--image" "../FrontEnd/Enchanting.image" }
Enchanting Messenger is listening for messages.
Trying to connect to NXT
Found NXT: NXT 00165316FEBC

So, it seems to see the NXT, but the code upload functions don't work (the green flag, blue arrow, and red stop sign are all unavailable). Any ideas?

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