Newcommer's questions

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Newcommer's questions

Postby daspfanni2000 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 5:59 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum, new to lejos, new to mindstorms (it has been 6 weeks now with ev3). So thanks a lot for your warm welcome;-)

Yes, I just managed to launch my first Lejos Program (from the guide from the wiki) on the EV3- Brick!

Thanks a lot so far for the great explanation on the wiki. The only part of ... h%20leJOS/ where I struggled is, that it does not describe how to check out 0.4.0-alpha instead of head. But this is described in other threads on the forum. Also it is not clear if a newer version of jna (like 4.0) is also good. Maybe you want to rework the tutorial a little here.

So I build the SD card using a debian VM in virtualbox. I am running Mavericks on a Mac Mini. I installed eclipse and java on the Mac OS X. Here, I downloaded the jna-4.0.0..jar from github and put it manually to /usr/local/java. Then I edited the build path of ev3classes so it finds this jar file. Do you think that was wise (like is ev3 classes working with this version)?

I am not an experienced java developer - nor did I use eclipse for anything serious before. I have quite some experience with, python, objective-c, a little C. I had java-class only for a few weeks during first semester (which has been years:-().

So I have a lot of questions regarding lejos and ev3:
1. Is it usual to have to create the jar manually and copy it to ev3 to then manually start it? Or will there be an automated workflow later?
2. Is there some way to start an lejos-program directly on the brick from an on screen menu?
3. Is there some kind of API documentation supplied with lejos?
4. Is there some documentation or tutorial that teaches the basics of using java/lejos for programming of (ev3?) mindstorms robots?
5. After I run a program, the screen is blank. Is this expected behavior? How to get back on the main screen?
6. How would you recommend to get going?

Currently I am in the progress of reading the java tutorial. But I think it would be fun to start playing with lejos while learning java. Also I wonder how all the robot specific programming styles (like automats and concurrency, working with sensors and motors and ALL) are best worked out.

Best regards! I am so happy that you are devoting so much effort in this project!


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Re: Newcommer's questions

Postby lawrie » Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:48 pm

Some of your questions are answered by the 0.5.0 release, which now has a menu on the EV3.

The sample projects now have ant build files, so you just run the build file, and then run the program from the menu on the EV3.

Sometime soon, we will have an Eclipse plugin to do this.

We are still working on the tutorial and the API docs.

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