[Problem] Bluetooth connection Failure

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[Problem] Bluetooth connection Failure

Postby stoffel2107 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:53 am

Hey guys,

We're trying to use an EV3 with Lejos 0.9.1 installed..

We wanted to build up a PAN with bluetooth. Writing with eclipse on a Dell notebook.

Following problem:


after finding the EV3 in the wizard and choosing it. (Entered the password correct, the device appears in the device list for connected BT devices and is shown as connected for at least 2 seconds then it disappears and we can not set an access point for the Lejos tool in Eclipse.

Hopefully that anyone can help 'cuz the internet has no solution


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Re: [Problem] Bluetooth connection Failure

Postby gloomyandy » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:30 pm

What do you mean by "it disappears"? After you have paired it, then it should appear as a device somewhere in the device and printers list (or whatever your version of Windows calls it). You then need to select it and choose to connect to it as an access point. You must have the EV3 configured as an access point.

What version of Windows are you using? What Bluetooth stack are you using with your Windows system (I would very strongly recommend that you use the Microsoft stack).

You might also want to spend a while searching and browsing this forum. There are several threads providing step by step guides for how to connect using various versions of Windows. See for instance:

If you are still having problems post a video showing...
1. How you have your EV3 configured.
2. The steps you are taking to connect to the EV3.
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