Proposal about IMU Adapter

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Proposal about IMU Adapter

Postby esmetaman » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:11 pm

Hi Andy/Aswin,

Currently, some IMU sensors provides information by modes like Mindsensors Absolute IMU and other in raw like BNO055: ... teIMU.html ...

But if the information is going to be used by other subsystems like ROS, maybe it could be interesting to have some kind of POJOS about:

+ euler
+ quaternion
+ aceleration
+ magnetometer

What do you think about the idea to have some kind of adapter to provide the POJOS from the sensors in the same way?
Besides, some objects could have some kind of constructors to convert an euler to quaternion and quaternion to euler for example.
With this kind of "adapter", it could be possible to exchange the sensor but not the programming.

From this analysis are discarted the following sensors because they don´t provide all required data: ... eGyro.html ... ensor.html

Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio Breña Moral

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