Data exchange between EV3 and other devices over tcp

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Data exchange between EV3 and other devices over tcp

Postby Guiz » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:48 pm

Hello everybody,

I'am working on a head tracker robot. I use my android smartphone and google face detection api to track faces.
To send the detected face position to the EV3 brick, I have write a set of classes to exchange data over tcp.

I did not found a way to send/receive generic data to/from the EV3 brick in the leJOS api so I write my own classes.

Now I would like to share my work with you. It could be another entry point for peoples that are looking for such kind of functionality.
I hosted the classes on github with a small example.
It's a first draft but it works fine for my application. I would be pleased to have your feedback and improvements ideas.

I'll also share the complete project soon. I just need to clean a little the code.


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