Finding certain positions in a room with LEGO NXT?

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Finding certain positions in a room with LEGO NXT?

Postby Damian » Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:24 am

I have LEGO NXT and a square room of 100x100cm. I would like to use the center of the of the room always as my starting point(the black box). The green box is going to be my park area. Circles can be the random placed obstacles on my way. Red is the walls of the room. Objectives:

- When starting no matter where the robot is, it should return to center, afterwards it should be able to park into the green box when requested.
- In its returning center/home progress there can be obstacles on the way, I should try to overcome these obstacles and park successfully. The obstacles don't have to be circular, they can be square as well.
- If there is an obstacle in the park/center area I should give an error not possible to park or abort the parking...

Worst case scenarios: Robot starting from the corner and obstacles on the way to park.
I'm using for the time being color sensor and ultrasound sensor, I can also add a gyro sensor but haven't made yet deep search about it. I also have RFID sensor but I think only with 2 transponders it wont help much.

My first challenge is without any obstacles for starters would be identifying the center to the robot, and it knows where it has to come from a random position. Any tips?


Ultrasound is able to measure distances from 5 to 255 centimeters with a precision of +/-3 cm. Anything lower than 5 cm is shown as 6-8 cm, triangular/round faces are problematic the error in distance can be 10cm in those times but we will consider all as square/nice objects for the beginning. The color sensor is under the Ultrasound sensor they are both on the front of my robot like the lights of a car.

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