Energy Consumption with Energy Meter

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Energy Consumption with Energy Meter

Postby valter » Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:47 pm

Hi All

I am new here and I hope my question had not been addressed previously... I've searched and I found others more or less related, but not especifically about what I need.

My point is, "I am working with Lejos and I need to measure the energy consumption in my mobile lego robot (NXT)".

I've read about the use of the energy meter (energy renewable pack), but, it seems the main focus is much more in acquiring new energy and store it, than in applying the energy stored to move motors, sensors, etc. I have found no clues about whether it is possible to use the energy stored in the energy storage to move the normal motors. This would be great for me because I could measure the output energy. Trying to be more precise, my questions are:

- It is possible to use the energy storage (from energy meter) to move the normal motors and sensors ? Instead of using the conventional disposable batteries ?
- The energy meter has an Output Port to be used with NXT. What is that for ?
- The energy meter has an Output Plug to connect componentes like E-Motor and Led Lights. May be this is what I am looking for. However, is there only one plug ? Isn't possible to plug other components ? My Mobile Robot uses two motors and two sensors.
- I also found the NXTPowerMeter from Does someone know that ? Does it work well ?

Sorry for the long message... I would apreciate if someone can help me.


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