NEW USER If I have the NXT Software that came with the...

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Re: NEW USER If I have the NXT Software that came with the..

Postby Shawn » Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:53 am

otro11 wrote:Is the firmware required the 'Fantom Driver'?

skoehler wrote:To be honest, I have never used Mac OS X. Usually, there is Shawn, who guides OS X users through a lot of trouble. But he doesn't seem to be active at the moment.

Uuugh, sorry but four days before the thread started was the big earthquake in Japan and being in Tokyo I was a little preoccupied with the resulting nuclear meltdown and what not :cry: There is still a lot of conflicting information about how much radiation we can safely eat and drink so I tend to spend my time looking at that.

As skoehler correctly pointed out, you only need this

The confusion stems from Lego now offering a separate Fantom Driver download (the url above). In the past, users had to download the Lego firmware to get it. The Lego Fantom driver connects to our libjfantom.jnilib which used to be a separate download. That libjfantom.jnilib is now included in the leJOS distribution and no longer needs to be obtained elsewhere.

Another confusion is that we flash the leJOS firmware which is included in the standard leJOS distribution from sourceforge. There is no need to get the Lego firmware unless you intend to make programs using their software or want to test bluetooth to make sure that your bluetooth stack is working and it is not a lejos related issue.

Ultimately then there are 4 things:

    1) LEGO Fantom driver (needed from url above)
    2) LEGO Firmware (not needed except for testing)
    3) leJOS fantom driver AKA libjfantom.jnilib (included in distributions with no configuration needed)
    4) leJOS firmware (included in distribution and must be flashed to the NXT)

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