Release 1.0

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Release 1.0

Postby s.frings » Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:44 pm

Dear Lejos Developers,
I think its time to publish a final release 1.0. Please remove all classes that are unusable (if there are any) and then release the remaining parts.

I have the impression that you try to make a 100% error-free and clean product. But the simple truth is, that software is never 100%.

Lejos is in a fairly good state since years, development progress is stalled and the hardware Platforms will not be available anymore soon.

With the version number 1.0 you indicate that the product is in a useable state and recommended to be used.

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Re: Release 1.0

Postby Stone » Sat May 25, 2013 7:18 pm

I completely agree with s.frings.
Almost a year ago Brian Bagnall (which you all know from his books, and from all the work that he has done for leJos) told me that the 1.0 version would have been released and that he would publish his new book.

quote from his e-mail:
The book is pushed back slightly to sometime in August. It will contain code for the latest edition of leJOS NXT. When I submitted the book in 2011 it seemed possible we would have 1.0 released by now, but that's not the case so the description will be updated to reflect that soon.

Unfortunately Brian bagnall never published his new book, and the 1.0 version still isn't here.

I think leJos is really a great project and that it is stable enough to release the 1.0 version.
I hope one of you , the leJos developers, will reply to this post.

Gratz, Stone

Here is the amazon link of his new book:

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Re: Release 1.0

Postby gloomyandy » Sun May 26, 2013 3:08 pm

Out of interest why does it matter what the version number is?

I'm not sure we are ready fro 1.0 yet. There are a number of major changes that are in the developer build that have not really been tested very much (full source level remote debugging using the standard Eclipse/Java debug tools, plus other changes). In addition there are a number of major changes that have been in discussion for some time (like a new sensor framework). Then we have the EV3 and the potential changes we may need if we want to offer compatibility between the NXT and EV3 platforms.


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Re: Release 1.0

Postby Stone » Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:07 pm

Maybe it doesn't matter that much.
But I got the feeling that the leJos community is reducing, and that the new version could bring it back to life. Anyway the new version wouldn't bring many changes compared to the current version, many outsiders will see that the community is still active, and will consider to switch to the leJos platform (When I am looking for software, I always look for a stable version and with an active community. Then it's worthy for me to learn it, because it will run properly and it can be used for a long term).
I'm a leJos member since only a year, so maybe what I say is wrong. The feedback from the leJos team is very good, but there is maybe a lack of more experienced people which could post cool projects.

Btw, sorry for the late response. I forgot to answer your question, being too busy with my exams.
Next week I will start with a new project, a coin sorter with a GUI on my laptop. I will post this in a few weeks on the forum.

Gratz, Stone

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