OPEN WRITE failed error during NXJ upload

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OPEN WRITE failed error during NXJ upload

Postby jmernin » Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:18 am

I'm trying to upload the HelloWorld sample program (or any other program for that matter) to my NXT brick but it is refusing to send the code to the device.

When I try to use the nxj.bat script to link and upload my code, I get the following error:

nxj -u HelloWorld
leJOS NXJ> Linking...
leJOS NXJ> Uploading...
an error occurred: OPEN WRITE failed

The Java code compiles just fine (nxjc.bat) and the MINDSTORMS software (National Instruments) works fine too with any programs I create from there downloading and running correctly on the NXT.

My NXT is running firmware 1.03. I am using NXJ 0.5 beta for Windows.

Any thoughts?

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Postby lawrie » Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:50 am

My NXT is running firmware 1.03.

leJOS is a firmware replacement. You need to run nxjflash and replace the firmware to use leJOS.

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Postby jediknightkrazy » Fri Jan 18, 2008 2:09 am

I personally can't even get nxj to work, but it does appear you are using the wrong firmware. You're going to have to hold the hard reset button (located inside the back top left pinhole of the NXT), plug it in, and type "nxjflash".
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Postby jmernin » Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:23 pm

Of course now that you have both pointed this out, it makes complete and utter sense. All I can say is that it was late .... and I was tired :-)

Having said that, I did take another look at the leJOS README.html file and have to say that it isn't entirely obvious from first reading that the NXT firmware *must* be replaced in order to use leJOS.

Maybe you might consider a small note to this effect in the "Using LEJOS NXJ" section?

In any case, thank you for your help!

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