NXTCam Doubts

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NXTCam Doubts

Postby esmetaman » Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:07 am

Hi friends, I am researching NXTCam and I have the following doubts:

+ How to set a colormap by code without using NXTCamView, using I2C
+ What is the different between yellow color or blue color over the image when you edit a colormap? http://www.juanantonio.info/p_articles/archive/2008/doubts.pdf
+ Do you know if you turn off NXTCam and the sensor lost colormaps? I think that it occurs + Sometime do you observe if NXTCam bloqued like Windows? I had to turn off NXT brick, because with 2 differents programs, NXTCam Sensor didnt response with new data.


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