Another line follower

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Another line follower

Postby sm0ked » Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:04 pm

Hi. I'm on a really tight schedule to get my RCX line follower functioning for final bit of my disso but thanks to poor planning on my part [been a bit of a horrid year], I only have one LED [light] sensor and one bumper sensor.

I'm using Java, leJOS and Eclipse. Problem is, all the code I have is best for two-sensor robots. I've tried to adapt it but I'm stumped. My programming days consisted of Pascal and

In short, I upload the code and the RCX reads "87.0" and doesn't work. I cannot seem to find example programs to help me write one that'll meet requirements...

So far I have planned... RCX - algorithms (1 sensor, 1 bumper):
1-Follow line edge.
2-Lose light, seek left and right until line is found.
3-Grey-scale: Sensor reads 50% and moves forward, turns anti-clockwise/clockwise until re-acquires... maybe.

I'm just not good with Java. >_< Help would be so appreciated.
Still gotta do some stuff with the NXT using different sensors but that should be covered.

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Re: Another line follower

Postby Chung » Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:23 pm

I seem to be having this issue also... I have looked everywhere but have not found a solution. Sorry for the bump, but it seems this is still a relevant thread. I would really like to figure this out soon so that I can get my robots working properly. I am planning on giving a couple of them to my son on his birthday, which I think that he would really enjoy. I am also wanting to give him a nice decorative toy box to keep his collection in. Would anyone happen to know of where I can get something like this? I heard that a company called Wood Creations makes some pretty cool ones, has anyone seen any of these? Thanks for your help!
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Re: Another line follower

Postby TechnoX » Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:53 pm

Can you post your code? :)

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