Need a little inspiration for project (behavior programming)

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Need a little inspiration for project (behavior programming)

Postby noeyewar » Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:02 am

I am studying software engineering (4. semester) and together with a group of other students we are in the process of creating a small programming language and compiler for the NXT brick.

The language is just a little imperative language, but as a "bonus feature" we have implemented commands for programming behaviors directly into the language.

The target language for the compiler is not java (it is actually NXC) but the inspiration for the implementation of behaviors comes from LeJOS, described here: ... amming.htm

We already build a robot that runs around a table and avoid obsticals and avoids running of the table, but for the presentation we would like a little more creative (and complicated) example. I hope someone here can help with some inspiration for a real world problem that could be solved with a robot programmed with behaviors. There are off cause the vacuum cleaners and automated lawnmowers, but is is a bit "old"

One idea would be to automate a combine harvester. An robot could be build to follow a line to a "field" represented by small squares on a piece of paper. The robot would then "harvest" x number of squares (count them) and at a appropriate time either drive back to the start position to "unload" or "call" for a secondary robot which it can unload to.

However i am not really sure if that example is really suited for programming with behaviors.

Any comments on that idea? Any other ideas for suitable projects?

kind regards
kenneth brodersen

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Postby kynite » Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:17 pm

If you're interested in a real-life problem that could be solved with behavioral programming, I'd look into this year's RoboCup Junior Rescue challenge (don't let the junior throw you off; I think it's an interesting challenge for all ages.) The idea is that there's been a chemical waste spill, and your robot has to rescue a victim.

The actual challenge is to follow a black line while driving over debris and avoiding obstacles (sounds like you have this part down). The line ends eventually, and your robot has to identify a soda can (the victim :P) in the area and pick it up. An extra challenge is to have it follow the line back to the starting place after it's picked up the victim.

[more detailed rules can be found by google searching "robocup junior 2010 rules rescue"]

Good luck with the project, and I hope this reply isn't too late to help!

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