Broken NXT

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Broken NXT

Postby Tohlizzle » Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:21 am

Hello everyone!

I have a serious problem with my NXT brick.

I built Alpha Rex using the original Lego Software and played with the built-in programs. Then, I tried to convert the built-in Alpha Rex programs to leJOS. While I was working on the program, I put the program on AutoRun; so every time I turn on the NXT, it goes straight to the program.

Below is the source code for this program.

Code: Select all

/* ~0821 Sunday, June Sixth, Twenty-Ten*/
import lejos.nxt.Button;
import lejos.nxt.ColorLightSensor;
import lejos.nxt.LCD;
import lejos.nxt.Motor;
import lejos.nxt.Sound;
import lejos.nxt.TouchSensor;
import lejos.nxt.UltrasonicSensor;

public class FrthWalk {
   int RnTn, RnLn, CmBf, AcPt = 180, RjCt = 241, LpCn; boolean ExIt;
   ColorLightSensor HaNd; Motor ArMs = Motor.A, LeFt = Motor.B, RgHt = Motor.C;
   Button EnTr = Button.ENTER; TouchSensor LfHl, RgHl; UltrasonicSensor EyEs;
   public FrthWalk() {
      HaNd = new ColorLightSensor(lejos.nxt.SensorPort.S3, ColorLightSensor.TYPE_COLORFULL); LeFt.setPower(45); RgHt.setPower(45);
      LfHl = new TouchSensor(lejos.nxt.SensorPort.S1); RgHl = new TouchSensor(lejos.nxt.SensorPort.S2);
      EyEs = new UltrasonicSensor(lejos.nxt.SensorPort.S4); LCD.drawString("Fourth Walk", 2, 0);
   public static void main(String [] args) {
      FrthWalk f = new FrthWalk();
      f.Look(); f.Arms(); f.Walk();
      f.Please(); f.Dance(); f.Play();
   void Look() {
      LCD.drawString("Looking", 0, 1);
      LCD.drawString("No see\t", 0, 2);
      do {LCD.drawString(EyEs.getDistance(), 9, 2);} while(EyEs.getDistance() <= 24);
      LCD.drawString("I see you!             ", 0, 2);
      Sound.playTone(250, 23);
   void Arms() {
      LCD.drawString("Arms Bck & Frth", 0, 3);
      do {ArMs.rotate(180); ArMs.rotate(-225);} while(!EnTr.isPressed());
      LCD.drawString("Move complete", 0, 4);
   void Walk() {
      LCD.drawString("Walking", 0, 5); LeFt.forward(); do {         
         do {} while(!LfHl.isPressed()); LeFt.rotate(90); RgHt.forward();
         do {} while(!RgHl.isPressed()); RgHt.rotate(90); LeFt.forward();
      LpCn++;} while(LpCn != 10); LeFt.stop(); RgHt.stop();
   void Please() {
      ArMs.rotateTo(-90); Sound.playTone(261, 50);
      LCD.drawString("Please", 0, 6); do {
         if      (HaNd.readColor().name() == "RED")       Red();
         else if (HaNd.readColor().name() == "BLUE")      Blue();
         else if (HaNd.readColor().name() == "BLACK")   Black();
         else if (HaNd.readColor().name() == "YELLOW")    Yellow();
         else if (HaNd.readColor().name() == "WHITE")    White();
         else if (HaNd.readColor().name() == "GREEN")   Green();
      } while(!ExIt);
   void Dance() {
      LCD.drawString("Dancing", 0, 7); LeFt.rotateTo(0);
      RgHt.rotateTo(0); LeFt.forward(); RgHt.forward();
      try {Thread.sleep(750);} catch(Exception e) {lejos.nxt.NXT.shutDown();}
      LeFt.stop(); RgHt.stop();
   void Play() {
      do {
         do {RnTn = ((int)(Math.random() * 150));} while(RnTn <  85);
         do {RnLn = ((int)(Math.random() * 750));} while(RnLn < 300);
         Sound.playTone(RnTn, RnLn); CmBf++; try {Thread.sleep(RnLn);}
         catch(Exception e) {lejos.nxt.NXT.shutDown();}
      } while(CmBf != 48);
   void Red()       {Sleep(); LCD.drawString("Red", 0, 6);       ArMs.rotate(RjCt); Sound.playTone(9000, 100);}
   void Blue()      {Sleep(); LCD.drawString("Blue", 0, 6);      ArMs.rotate(RjCt); Sound.playTone(6000, 100);}
   void Black()   {Sleep(); LCD.drawString("Black", 0, 6);    ArMs.rotate(RjCt); Sound.playTone(3000, 100);}
   void White()    {Sleep(); LCD.drawString("White", 0, 6);    ArMs.rotate(RjCt); Sound.playTone(0750, 100);}
   void Green()   {Sleep(); LCD.drawString("Green", 0, 6);   ArMs.rotate(AcPt); Sound.playTone(0250, 100); ExIt = true;}
   void Yellow()    {Sleep(); LCD.drawString("Yellow", 0, 6);    ArMs.rotate(RjCt); Sound.playTone(1000, 100);}
   void Sleep()   {try {Thread.sleep(375);} catch(Exception e) {lejos.nxt.NXT.shutDown();}}

However, there was something wrong with the program and it would freeze in the "Please" method.

Every time I turn on the NXT, everything is normal until it gets to this method. Then the NXT freezes and I have not been able to find away to unfreeze, reset the firmware, or prematurely end the program. I have tried using the reset button on the back or turning off the brick, but when I turn it back on, nevertheless, it goes back to my program and freezes again.

PLEASE help me, a replacement NXT would cost approximately USD 144.99! Thanks in advance.

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Postby skoehler » Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:05 am

Press the LEFT key while your turn on the NXT.
This skips the default program.

If that fails, there are still other ways of reflashing the NXT.
No need to buy a new one.

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Postby gloomyandy » Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:39 pm

Make sure you keep the left key held down while the NXT starts. Once you are in the menu make sure you turn off auto run...

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Postby Tohlizzle » Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:45 pm

THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!

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