asking about quadrature encoder

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asking about quadrature encoder

Postby shinjiyuubix » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:45 pm

hi all.....

There are some opened motor's picture

I've a question about quadrature encoder work on NXT motor. We know that the cable have 6 wires, the 2nd last wires are Tacho0 and Tacho1, let say when Tacho0 high Tacho1 low motor goes forward otherwise Tacho0 low Tacho1 high motor goes forward. We need 2 wire, that's the key. But..., according those pictures, the motor only have 1 TX (maybe led infrared) and 1 RX (maybe phototransistor). In my mind Tacho0 connected to schmitt trigger and phototransistor, where tacho1 is connected to? The motor only have 1 RX.
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Correct port wiring

Postby PierreArch » Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:39 am

Dear shinjiyuubix,

Please allow me to correct you about motor port wiring. In fact the motors are not operated by Tacho0 and Tacho1 pins, but by rather by MA0 and MA1.

PIN1 MA0, PWM output signal to motor or actuator
PIN2 MA1, PWM output signal to motor or actuator
PIN3 GND, Power ground for rotary encoder
PIN4 PWR, 4.3 volts to rotary encoder supply
PIN5 TAC0, Tacho 0 signal output back to NXT
PIN6 TAC1, Tacho 1 signal output back to NXT

How it works:
NXT sends time proportioned pulses to MA0 and MA1 to energize the motor to turn one way or the other.

When the motor turns by it self, or when it is wound by hand, the encoder turns and the wheel with slits (like those found in old ball drives computer mouse, see link here after) brakes 2 lights paths, each wired to TAC0 and TAC1.

This produces 2 pulse trains that are 90 degrees off phase. When TAC0 leads TAC1, you get to increase the tacho count. When TAC1 leads TAC0, you get to decrease the tacho count.

Useful links:

Hope this helps!
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