Connect 4 Mini/Travel Robot

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Connect 4 Mini/Travel Robot

Postby Dodgey99 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:13 am

OK, so here is the project - it is 90% other people's work. The basis for the physical design was taken from a guy named Phil from Germany. I modified it to use extra touch sensors (he used a very nice mechanical system to get one sensor to do two functions but I didn't need to as I have enough sensors).

I also changed the chip feeder so it is more reliable. ... nnect4.flv

The Lejos code came from a group of German (these kids are clever!) students who build a robot called FourRowBot. I just changed it to use the new NXT Color sensor instead old the old light sensor. Then I changed the variables in the motor control class file to suit the smaller board size, and changed the speeds to suit the new gearing. Dead easy.

Currently the design uses a touch sensor to know when the human player has finished his turn. You simply press the button when you are done. This could very easily be changed to use one fo the NXT buttons if you are short of touch sensors, or, as was used on the original design, a US sensor that sees when your hand had been at the top of the board.

I knocked this up on LDD last night. No masterpiece! Never used it before. I had to replace the 4x1 gear racks with red 4x1 flat tiles as they don't exist in LDD. Because of this I could not mount the scanning arm, nor the chip feeder, so I just made them separate objects by the side of the main model. It's all very obvious where everything goes :-)

Oh - there is a JAR executable and an image file. This is the PC application. The robot will run fast and good without it but the PC app lets you connect to the NXT and play at more advance levels, plus you can see the board on your screen, which is very useful when debugging adjustments you may have made in the source code (i.e are the chips falling in the right places etc). You just launch the NXT app and then select "connect to PC" in the options on teh NXT menu. Then click connect in the PC app.

Here you go! ...

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Postby rbn » Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:20 am

Hi there
I think you posted some stuff on your connect4 previously in which is now sadly no more. Fortunately I appear to have downloaded your lxf file for constructing this robot, and I have successfully completed it. It appears to be very similar to the connect4 robot published here ... hp/4RowBot
I wonder if you have been able to obtain the lxf files for this version (only shown on the link in the htlm version with images which are too small to decipher). Also the links for your programs here ...
are now defunct. can you repost them?

THe only bit I can't get to work is the link from the PC to the NXT brick. I select wait for PC on the NXT brick, click connect on the PC program but nothing seems to happen.

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