Surpressing a Behavior

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Surpressing a Behavior

Postby umeshnk » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:57 am

I'm implementing the josx.robotics.Behavior for my robots actions. When I use an Arbitrator with 3 behaviors with action() methods containing gotoPoint(100,100), gotoPoint(0,0) and Sound.beep() respectively. My robot travels between the two points and beeps whenever it hits an obstacle.

My problem is this; I need my robot to keep doing its original task (for e.g. gotoPoint(100,100) after hitting the obstacle and beeping.

if I make the motors stop inside surpress() method the behavior changes after hitting the obstacle. If I don't write anything inside surpress() method the robot ignores the inturrupt till it completes its original behavoir.

I have used josx.platform.rcx.SensorListener

Sorry if this explanation is unclear. Guess one of us may have come across a similar problem like I have. I thank all...

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