NXT Drone project: Allow application to use connectivity app

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NXT Drone project: Allow application to use connectivity app

Postby Ronin » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:31 pm


For my project I stumbled upon the following problem:

I created a midlet to use my cellphone as a remote control for my NXT-robot.
Everything works fine exept for one thing. When I'm sending commands (turn left, turn right, go straight,...) according to the Lego Communication Protocol, my cellphone asks me for each command a confirmation if I want to "use connectivity applications".
As this is not my idea of a smooth remote controlled robot I'd like to know how I can avoid this alert message on my screen and control my NXT robot smoothly without each time confirming "using the connectivity applications".

I'm sure someone must have had the same idea as me for a Bluetooth controlled NXT robot with his/her cellphone. But not so many people here create midlets here apparently. Is there somebody who encountered the same issue? How did you solve it?

I have images to show the problem on my cellphone but I can't add them to my post.

Thanks in advance,


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