RCX Guitar Hero Motor Control

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RCX Guitar Hero Motor Control

Postby ampopp04 » Wed Nov 28, 2007 11:43 pm

Hello, I am using a camera to capture video from a guitar hero TV. The images are analyzed and the locations of the notes are detected utilizing some pixel analysis algorithms that I came up with. Now that the computer can properly detect the notes I need a means to actually physically push the guitar hero note buttons. I understand that I can only have my three motors hooked up but this is just for some preliminary testing before I get some car solenoids and wire them to a relay to be fired off via a program that just sends simple electrical signals through USB. I am having difficultly with the whole Lejos and I was wondering if anyone could give me detailed information as to what I would code in my program for a method that would make motor 1 turn for like 1/4 of a second and then another method for motor 2...motor 3... Everything I have seen so far seems to have to be downloaded to the RCX brick. I need to be able to communicate on the fly via the IR tower. I am not sure of the plausibility of this communication due to the fact that I am unsure as to the communications speeds of the IR tower (starting a stream...sending data...killing the stream) Right now in my code I Just have 5 boolean values that are either true for a note is to be played or false that a note is not to be played...(for these test purposes and since RCX can only do 3 motors I will only use the first 3 booleans) Depending on which of these are true I have methods called PlayNote1, PlayNote2, PlayNote3....

Each of these individual methods just has to be able to be filled with code that will make motor 1 or motor 2... run for some very short time frame....

Can anyone please give me a detailed description and even snippets of code if possible to describe how I would do this?

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