Eclipse on Mac OS X?

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Eclipse on Mac OS X?

Postby bjv » Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:31 pm

I've read through the guide/install instructions. I was wondering if there is any reason why you can't use Eclipse running on a Mac to program leJOS apps with the EV3? I didn't see anything in the steps for installing Eclipse and plugins that looked specific to Linux. I do see that creating the bootable SDCard requires Linux, but once that is done, does it continue to be required? It would seem not.

I guess the same question might apply for Windows-based Eclipse, but I know that Mac OS X has most of the Linux OSS tools that are required either pre-installed or easily installed (using MacPorts).

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Re: Eclipse on Mac OS X?

Postby lawrie » Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:00 pm

The 0.5.0 release should work on MAC OS X, but has not been tested. We will need to update the Wiki with OS X instructions for writing the image to an SD card.

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Re: Eclipse on Mac OS X?

Postby daspfanni2000 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 3:15 pm


I have successfully created the SD card on Mac OS X:

I have written up the steps I did - maybe you can add those to your tutorial:



go to your downloads directory
# cd ~/Downloads

show contents of directory and make sure there are the needed files you downloaded ( and ejre-7u40-fcs-b43-linux-arm-sflt-headless-27_aug_2013.tar.gz)
# ls

Unzip the zip file if you haven’t already:
# unzip

Plugin your SD card into the card-reader. Find it in the list and remember exactly its number (e.g. /dev/diskX)
# diskutil list

Then unmount this disk
# diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX

Then create the lejos SD-card:
WARNING: Be sure you have found the correct X for your SD card in /dev/diskX. Proceed at your own risk - when you use the wrong number you might wipe your hard disk! You need to be a user with administrative rights on the mac. Supply your password when asked to.
# sudo dd if=sd.img of=/dev/diskX

Copy the JAVA-VM on it:
cp ejre-7u40-fcs-b43-linux-arm-sflt-headless-27_aug_2013.tar.gz /Volumes/LMS2012/

And unmount the SD card again:
# diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX

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