Cant compile my first Program

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Cant compile my first Program

Postby saturn_at_sky » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:05 pm

I have downloaded and installed the equipment to built Java Programs for the EV3 yersterday (7.1.2014, my OS is Windows 8.1). There is a problem at compiling a EV3 Java Program with the Ant built file. I dont know much about Ant, but it seems, that the compiler needs a jar file of ev3calsses and the ant file of ev3classes needs a DBusJava jar file. It is not possible to built the DBusJava becuase of unmappable characters in the source of the class 'cross_test_client' (see line 353). I have replaced the chars with 'xxx' and 'xxx'. After that the compiling of DBusJava works and than the compiling of ev3calsses works too. And after that the compiling of with the ant file succeeds.

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