Custom projects not in file folder Lejos EV3

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Custom projects not in file folder Lejos EV3

Postby Atze » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:50 am

Hi all,

I recently received my EV3 and installed lejos on it.

I successfully created a sd image and configured the wifi adapter.

However when I try to upload a new program to the EV3 it succeeds however it does not appear in the file directory in the lejos menu.

Anyone know were it is placed?

My ant build file properties:

<property file="" />
<property name="source.dir" value="src"/>
<property name="lib.dir" value="../../../../git/ev3/ev3classes"/>
<property name="class.dir" value="build"/>
<property name="jar.dir" value="dist"/>
<property name="main-class" value="EV3HelloWorld"/>
<property name="lejos.home" value="/home/root/lejos"/>
<property name="" value=""/>

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Re: Custom projects not in file folder Lejos EV3

Postby lawrie » Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:07 pm

You need to show the whole of the ant build.xml file as the directory that the jar file is copied to is in the todir parameter of the scp task, and not in a property.

If you copied the build file unchanged from the Wiki, the jar file should be in /home/lejos/programs which is the directory that the Files menu displays.

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Re: Custom projects not in file folder Lejos EV3

Postby tigger » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:22 pm

/home/root/lejos => libs and lejos core, not listed under FILES.

/home/lejos/programs => place for your runnable JARs, listed under FILES.

Code: Select all

<target name="copy" depends="jar">
        <scp todir="root:@${}:/home/lejos/programs/" trust="true">
            <fileset file="${jar.dir}/${}.jar"/>

Check out your copy task.

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