Licensing for RMI classes

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Licensing for RMI classes

Postby alexpilotti » Fri May 30, 2014 2:45 pm

Hi guys,

To begin with, thanks for your great work!

We're using the leJOS EV3 RMI remoting in a PoC open source project to implement IPMI style features on low cost hardware simulating datacenter scenarios [1]. You can see it in action demoed by Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth here [2] (toward the end at 30'54"). :-)

Since we use the RMI classes in our project, it'd be great to be able to know if we can simply redistribute the class binaries to make the user's life easier and if there are limitations on linking (e.g. GPL).

I saw a wiki page about licensing issues [3], but since usage of the software outside the brick itself is limited to the remoting code [4], would it be possible to have a license at least on the "remote" subtree (e.g. Apache 2, LGPL or anything else) for the time being in order to have clear linking / redistribution rules?



[3] ... ing_Issues

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