ANNOUNCE: OpenJDK project for Device I/O

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ANNOUNCE: OpenJDK project for Device I/O

Postby henrikstahl » Sat May 31, 2014 12:09 am

Hi all,

We (Oracle) have created an open source project in OpenJDK for low-level Device I/O based on a library we have been maintaining for embedded Java. This will cover both Java ME and SE and provide "standardized" access to things like GPIO, I2C, UART and similar interfaces. We would like to invite LeJOS community members to help port & optimize this for the EV3 as well as make enhancements and extensions useful for the EV3 and other hardware. The goal is portability of code that accesses low-level I/O between different devices.

There is some overlap between the current LeJOS APIs and our Device I/O library. We have had an ongoing conversation with Andy in the LeJOS community on this and hope that we will be able to work together to maximize the benefit of the work here and in OpenJDK. We are also working with the Raspberry Pi community in a similar fashion.

We have other libraries in the works that will be open sourced as part of Oracle's investment in Java for embedded devices and Internet of Things. Stay tuned for more information!

Best regards,

Henrik, Oracle Java team

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