Tower not responding

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Tower not responding

Postby phil74 » Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:14 am

Hello all,

following situation: I have a RIS 1.5 with RCX 1.0 and a serial IR tower. The RCX is not pre-loaded with the original LEGO firmware (because I have no Windows machine available), i.e. it is still in boot/upload mode.

I installed leJOS 3.0.0 under Xubuntu 7.07 on a ThinkPad 600 machine and rebuilded the distribution with JDK 1.6. But when I try to download the leJOS firmware I get the following error:

Code: Select all

read firmware srec
Loading native libs
Tower error: Tower not responding

It takes about 5 secs. before I get the "Tower error" message. LEJOS_HOME, JAVA_HOME, PATH, CLASSPATH and RCXTTY are set according to the leJOS installation notes (RCXTTY=/dev/ttyS0). ThinkPad BIOS config tool says that COM port is ok.

Does anybody have experience with leJOS and serial IR tower under Linux - what could be the problem in my case? Is it maybe that I first have to use the original LEGO software and load their firmware to the RCX (before I try to use the hardware with leJOS)?

Thanks for any help!


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