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computer science project

Postby Bazuka » Fri Apr 04, 2008 3:38 pm

Hi I am a computer science student doing my final year Project. I am developing a mobile robot to behave as a surveillance system which detects an intruder in a room by tracing it by movement of sound using the ultrasonic sensor and sound sensor.

I have a few queries:


Can i use the sound sensor to track sound (when robot is in blind position) and if so what’s the java coding method to do so (in leJOS).


With the ultrasonic sensor whats the java coding method in leJOS for that sensor to trigger the robot in the direction of the sound.


I am using net beans in linux to program my robot, I’m also using the latest leJOS firmware veriosn (i.e 0.5.0). I’ve tried creating a hash map but I’m getting an error in my line of code when I declare a hash map saying “generics are not supported in source - 1.4 (use -source 5 or higher to enable generics)”
Example line of code: "points = new hashtable<point,Byte>(50)" inside constructor.

I’ve been trying to work out these methods but still can’t find the soultion. Can anyone help me please because my project is due next Thursday, april 10.

Thank you


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Postby 99jonathan » Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:06 am

3. it appears that u are using the jdk to compile whatever that line was in. You need to upgrade ur compiler to jdk 1.5 in order to use the generics u implemented.

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