Steering the NXT with Two Wii Remotes

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Steering the NXT with Two Wii Remotes

Postby enzomango » Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:27 pm

My latest (and possibly final) experiment with Wii remotes was to see whether it is possible to use two Wii remotes to maneuver my NXT. This project wasn't very technically challenging but it was a lot of fun trying to steer the NXT around obstacles. The two Wii remotes were used to control the left and right motors. The speed of the motors was controlled by the angle of the Wii. Pointing the Wii to the ceiling stopped the motor. As the Wii remote was tilted forward the speed increased until the remote was pointing straight ahead for maximum power. The A and B buttons controlled the motor direction.
Here's the video:

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