Netbeans and NXT

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Netbeans and NXT

Postby epokh » Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:32 pm

I often use netbeans (now 5.5) for my java develop.
It's so easy to add the jar as library in a new java project.
So I'm using it and it's good. I was wondering if there's a way to change the compiler for the project. So instead of using the java standard compiler I would use the lejos one.
Does somebody have managed it?

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Postby bbagnall » Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:28 pm

You'll probably get your answer more quickly by asking on a NetBeans forum.

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Postby imaqine » Wed May 16, 2007 6:18 pm

Make sure to post the information you get from the netbeans forum on here so users using leJOS will know how to use netbeans and LeJOS if the choose to.

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Use an ANT script project with the following build.xml

Postby bowser » Wed Jul 11, 2007 1:11 pm

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
NB you will have to change the run.class variable to the name of the class which contains the public static void main(...

place this build.xml file in a directory. create the following folders
src //contains the *.java files and packages etc
tests //contains the junit tests
lib // copy the classes file from lejos_home/lib, and the junit-8.3.1.jar from somewhere...

In NetBeans, create a new project with ANT script, locate the directory with this build file, add the contents of the lib directory to the classpath when asked..
Compiling single files requires a fix, first try compiling a single file (f9) and answer 'ok' then close netbeans and alter the project.xml file which netbeans creates... in the nbproject directory e.g.
<action name="compile.single">
Start NetBeans with the project, now clean, build run work as normal!
NB this works on most windows platforms, I am sure a Linux person can add an appropriate <exec for the run target....
Problem with the JUnit tests, no autocomplete as yet... help.....
You may want to change name="NXJ" to something more descriptive for your project

<project name="NXJ" default="default" basedir="." >
<property environment="env" />
<property environment="myenv" />
<property name="src.dir" value="src" />
<property name="build.dir" value="support/build" />
<property name="dist.dir" value="support/dist" />
<property name="dist.javadoc.dir" value="support/javadoc" />
<property name="build.classes.excludes" value="support/excludes" />
<property name="dist.jar" value="support/dist.jar" />
<property name="test.src.dir" value="tests" />
<property name="run.class" value="M" />
<property name="lejos.home" value="${myenv.LEJOS_HOME}" />
<property name="junit.jar" value="lib/junit-8.3.1.jar" />
<property name="test.classes.dir" value="support/testClasses" />
<property name="test.results.dir" value="support/testResults" />

<target name="default" depends="javadoc,run" description="Build and test whole project.">

<target name="create_dirs" depends="clean">
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}" />
<mkdir dir="${dist.dir}" />
<mkdir dir="${dist.javadoc.dir}" />
<mkdir dir="${build.classes.excludes}" />
<mkdir dir="${test.classes.dir}" />
<target name="compile" depends="create_dirs" description="Compile the whole project.">
<javac srcdir="${src.dir}"
<target name="build" depends="compile" description="Build whole project.">
<property name="thirdparty.lib" value="${lejos.home}/3rdparty/lib" />
<property name="link.classpath" value="{$thirdparty.classpath}/bcel-5.1.jar;${thirdparty.lib}/commons-cli-1.0.jar;${lejos.home}/lib/jtools.jar;${lejos.home}/lib/classes.jar;" />
<exec dir="${build.dir}" executable="cmd" os="Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 2000,Windows 2003">
<arg line="/c ${lejos.home}/bin/lejoslink ${run.class} -o ${run.class}.lej"/>
<echo message="${}" />
<exec dir="${build.dir}" executable="bash" os="Linux" >
<arg line="${lejos.home}/bin/lejoslink ${run.class} -o ${run.class}.lej"/>

<target name="do-clean" >
<delete dir="${build.dir}" />
<delete dir="${dist.dir}" />
<delete dir="${dist.javadoc.dir}" />
<delete dir="${build.classes.excludes}" />
<delete dir="${test.classes.dir}" />
<echo message="${}" />

<target name="-init-check">
<fail unless="src.dir">Must set src.dir</fail>
<fail unless="test.src.dir">Must set test.src.dir</fail>
<fail unless="build.dir">Must set build.dir</fail>
<fail unless="dist.dir">Must set dist.dir</fail>
<fail unless="dist.javadoc.dir">Must set dist.javadoc.dir</fail>
<fail unless="build.classes.excludes">Must set build.classes.excludes</fail>

<target name="clean" depends="-init-check,do-clean" description="Clean build products." />

<target name="run" depends="build" description="Build and run whole project.">
<exec dir="${build.dir}" executable="cmd" os="Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 2000,Windows 2003">
<arg line="/c ${lejos.home}/bin/lejosdl ${run.class}.bin"/>
<echo message="${}" />
<exec dir="${build.dir}" executable="bash" os="Linux" >
<arg line="${lejos.home}/bin/lejosdl ${run.class}.bin"/>

<target name="emulate" depends="build" description="Emulates the code on a LINUX os implementation of the NXT">
<echo message="${}" />
<exec dir="${build.dir}" executable="bash" os="Linux" >
<arg line="${lejos.home}/bin/emj -v ${run.class}.lej"/>
<exec dir="${build.dir}" executable="cmd" os="Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 2000,Windows 2003">
<arg line="/c echo 'Not implemented of Windows yet'"/>

<target name="rebuild" depends="clean,build" description="Build and test whole project.">

<target name="-javadoc-build" >
<mkdir dir="${dist.javadoc.dir}" />
<javadoc classpath="${lejos.home}/lib/classes.jar;${myenv.CLASSPATH}" destdir="${dist.javadoc.dir}" source="${javac.source}" notree="${javadoc.notree}" use="${javadoc.use}" nonavbar="${javadoc.nonavbar}" noindex="${javadoc.noindex}" splitindex="${javadoc.splitindex}" author="${}" version="${javadoc.version}" windowtitle="${javadoc.windowtitle}" private="${javadoc.private}" failonerror="true" useexternalfile="true">
<path path="${javac.classpath}" />
<pathelement location="${src.dir}" />
<packageset dir="${src.dir}" includes="*/**" />
<fileset dir="${src.dir}" includes="*.java" />
<target name="-javadoc-browse" if="netbeans.home" unless="no.javadoc.preview" depends="-javadoc-build">
<nbbrowse file="${dist.javadoc.dir}/index.html" />

<target name="javadoc" depends="clean,build,-javadoc-build,-javadoc-browse" description="Build Javadoc." />

<target name="compile-tests" depends="compile">
<javac srcdir="${test.src.dir}"

<target name="test" depends="compile-tests">
<delete dir="${test.results.dir}" />
<mkdir dir="${test.results.dir}"/>
<junit showoutput="true"
<batchtest todir="${test.results.dir}">
<fileset dir="tests">
<include name="**/*"/>
<classpath path="./;.;${build.dir};${junit.jar};${test.classes.dir}"/>
<formatter usefile="false" type="brief"/>
<formatter type="xml"/>

<target name="compile-selected-files-in-src">
<fail unless="files">Must set property 'files'</fail>
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/>
<javac includes="${files}"


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Re: Netbeans and NXT

Postby skoehler » Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:11 pm

NetBeans support is pretty limited compared to Eclipse. Sorry for that, but we don't have the resources to developer a proper plug-in. And out of the box, Netbeans doesn't support leJOS development for various reasons. Note that using a proper build.xml doesn't keep the IDE from thinking that you're actually writing an application that will run on the PC (and hence an application that is based on the full-fledged JDK instead of the limited subset that is the leJOS runtime). Move on to Eclipse, which is properly supported.

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