GELway - Master/Slave Formations

This is where you talk about the NXJ hardware related topics such as the brick, sensors, LEGO pieces, etc.

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GELway - Master/Slave Formations

Postby iWitzand » Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:43 pm

Hey everyone,

I am currently building a self balancing robot, it can be found in the NXJ projects section. I have just built my second robot, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a sensor which I could use for a follow the leader type formation.

My current idea's are,
- Put an IR source on the back of the leader, and use the IRSeeker to follow, using the signal strength to guage the distance (not sure how accurate this is)
- Put a mirror on the back of the leader and use an EOPD sensor, this seems the be the best option right now.
- I have ruled out an UltraSonic sensor, as when I operate two the tend to intefere with each other.

Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated,


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Postby kirkpthompson » Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:24 pm

I think I came across something in the javadoc (or somewhere) that lets you measure relative BT signal strength... measure, move, measure, repeat until you figure out where the strongest strength would be. Maybe weird results depending on antennae configuration, etc.

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