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Help For a Project

Postby stevekho » Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:40 am

Hello :)

So I have to do this project with some friends and i was wondering if you had some advices about what to do or if you had a good design to do the project

Design a robot that finds a set of
pallets which are randomly distributed
throughout a surface, and stacks them at a
specified location


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Postby iWitzand » Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:03 am

Hey Hey,

A bit more info might be helpful, but I am assuming a few things, if it is otherwise you can correct me,
- The pellets are all the same
- The robot knows where the location is to stack the pellets

LeJOS has a behavioural system which may be useful for this task, this is how I would see your behaviours working noting they are presented in ascending order in priority
- Explore - Basically moves around the surface looking for pellets
- Find Pellet - If a pellet is found run a third motor possibly to grab pellet
- Return Pellet - Takes pellet back to location for stacking

As for sensors, you'd probably want the ultrasonic sensor for detecting walls, possible the light sensor for recognising if it has a pellet (if they are the same colour it would help). You'd want the three motors, 2 for driving, one for grabbing the pellets. As for knowing where the drop location is, might be trickier, if you have the set up in a grid square might be a good start. So you can get the basics down. Rather then trying to bite something too big.

Any way hope this helps a bit,


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