Help about a Worm Robot

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Help about a Worm Robot

Postby nesstath » Mon Feb 08, 2010 4:44 pm

Hi, I´m new in this robotic area, and my teacher wants to do a worm robot with NXJ legos, and she send me to investigate if there is already something at least similar to a worm robot, so I came here to see if somebody can help me because I can´t find anything similar with these NXJ legos.

It´s not a worm actually, because it has to have legs, but the idea is that the robot has 2 or more motors, with two legs each one, and it can walk and turn right and left, because at the end it has to solve a labyrinth, so, my problem is to investigate if there is already a robot with 2 separated motors conected and that it can walk without problems and turn to different directions.
Thankyou, I´m from mexico, nice to meet you all

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