Package lejos.nxt.addon

Access to third party and legacy RCX sensors, motors and other hardware not included in the Lego NXT kit


Interface Summary
IRTransmitter Interface for infra-red transmitters that can send bytes to an RCX

Class Summary
AccelHTSensor Class to access the HiTechnic NXT Acceleration / Tilt Sensor (NAC1040).
AccelMindSensor This class works with the Mindsensors acceleration (tilt) sensor ACCL-Nx-v2/v3.
AngleSensor Supports the angle sensor of HiTechnic.
ColorHTSensor HiTechnic color sensor. This class does support HiTechnic Color Sensor V2.
CompassHTSensor This class supports the HiTechnic compass sensor.
CompassMindSensor This class supports the Mindsensors compass sensor.
CruizcoreGyro This Class manages the Micro Infinity Cruizcore XG1300L
DIMUAccel This class provides access to the accelerometer of Dexter Industries IMU sensor
DIMUGyro This class provides access to the gyro of Dexter Industries IMU sensor.
DPressure250 Support for Dexter Industries DPressure250 Not tested.
DPressure500 Support for Dexter Industries DPressure500 Not tested.
EOPD Supports HiTechnics EOPD (Electro Optical Proximity Detector) sensor.
This sensor is used to detect objects and small changes in distance to a target.
GPSSensor Class for controlling dGPS sensor from Dexter Industries.
GyroDirectionFinder Implementation of the DirectionFinder interface that integrates repeated rate-of-turn readings from a GyroSensor into a continuously updated heading.
GyroSensor Support the HiTechnic Gyro sensor.
IRLink Supports for HiTechnic NXT IRLink Sensor (NIL1046) IRLink.
IRSeeker HiTechnic IRSeeker sensor - untested.
LDCMotor LDCMotor, Lattebox DC Motor, is a abstraction to model any DCMotor connected to LSC, Lattebox Servo Controller.
LMotor Generic abstraction to manage RC Servos and DC Motor.
LnrActrFirgelliNXT A Linear Actuator class that provides blocking and non-blocking move actions with stall detection.
LSC This class has been defined to manage the device LSC, Lattebox Servo Controller which manage until 10 RC Servos / DC Motors
LServo LServo, Lattebox Servo, is a abstraction to model any RC Servo (continous and non continous) plugged to LSC, Lattebox Servo Controller.
MagneticSensor Support for HiTechnic Magnetic sensor
MMXMotor Abstraction to drive a basic encoder motor with the NXTMMX motor multiplexer.
MMXRegulatedMotor Abstraction to drive a regulated encoder motor with the NXTMMX motor multiplexer.
MSC This class has been designed to manage the device MSC8, Mindsensors NXT Servo which manages up to 8 RC Servos.
MServo MServo, is a abstraction to model any RC Servo (continuous and non continuous) plugged to
NXTCam Mindsensors NXTCam.
NXTe Abstraction for a Lattebox NXT Extension Kit with Lattebox 10-Axis Servo Kit UML:
NXTLineLeader This class manages the sensor NXT Line Leader from Mindsensors.
NXTMMX Supports the Mindsensors NXTMMX motor multiplexor.
OpticalDistanceSensor Supports Mindsensors DIST-Nx series of Optical Distance Sensor.
This sensor is used for greater precision than the Ultrasonic Sensor.
PFLink Class for controlling PF Motors with MindSensors NRLink-Nx
PFMate Supports Mindsensors PF Mate
This device is used to control Lego Power Function IR receiver
PFMateMotor Motor class for PFMate class
PFMotorPort MotorPort for PF Motors using HiTechnic IRLink
PSPNXController This class allows you to use a Sony Playstation 2 controller to control your robot in conjunction with the PSP-Nx interface.
RCXLightSensor This class is used to obtain readings from a legacy RCX light sensor, using an adapter cable to connect it to the NXT brick.
RCXLink Supports Mindsensors NRLink RCX IR adapter.
RCXMotor Abstraction for an RCX motor.
RCXMotorMultiplexer Supports the mindsensors RCX Motor Multiplexer
RCXPlexedMotorPort Supports a motor connected to the Mindsensors RCX Motor Multiplexer
RCXRemoteMotorPort Supports a motor connected to a remote RCX via a mindsensord NRLink adapter
RCXRotationSensor Provide access to the Lego RCX Rotation Sensor.
RCXSensorMultiplexer Supports Mindsensors RXMux
This sensor allows you to connect up to four RCX type sensors toa single port.
RCXTemperatureSensor Abstraction for an RCX temperature sensor.
RFIDSensor Support for the Codatex RFID Sensor.
SensorSelector Factory for I2C sensor implementations.
SumoEyesSensor Java class for MINDSENSORS NXT SumoEyes (triple zone IR obstacle detector).
TouchMUX Interface for the Mindsensors Touch Multiplexer.

Enum Summary
DIMUAccel.AccelUnits List of possible units for acceleration
DIMUAccel.TiltUnits List of possible units for Tilt
DIMUGyro.Axis Axis units supported by the sensor.
DIMUGyro.Range Dynamic ranges supported by the sensor
DIMUGyro.RateUnits Rotation units supported by the sensor
DIMUGyro.SampleRate Internal sample rates supported by the sensor
DIMUGyro.TemperatureUnits Temperature units supported by the sensor
NXTLineLeader.LineColor Color selector for white reading limit

Exception Summary

Package lejos.nxt.addon Description

Access to third party and legacy RCX sensors, motors and other hardware not included in the Lego NXT kit