Package lejos.nxt

Access to NXT sensors, motors, etc.


Interface Summary
ADSensorPort An abstraction for a port that supports Analog/Digital sensors.
BasicMotorPort An abstraction for a motor port that supports RCX type motors, but not NXT motors with tachometers.
BasicSensorPort An abstraction for a sensor port that supports setting and retrieving types and modes of sensors.
I2CPort Abstraction for a port that supports I2C sensors.
LegacySensorPort Abstraction for a port that supports legacy RCX sensors.
SensorConstants Constants used to set Sensor types and modes.
Tachometer Abstraction for the tachometer built into NXT motors.
TachoMotorPort Abstraction for a motor port that supports NXT motors with tachometers.

Class Summary
BasicMotor Abstraction for basic motor operations.
Battery Battery class that supports remote execution.
Button PC emulation of the Button class
ColorSensor LEGO Color Sensor driver.
ColorSensor.Color Extended color class, that includes the background reading at the time that the other readings were made.
FileSystem Support for remote file operations
I2CSensor A sensor wrapper to allow easy access to I2C sensors, like the ultrasonic sensor.
Inbox The message class is used to send messages between NXT bricks.
LCD PC emulation of the LCD class
LightSensor This class is used to obtain readings from a LEGO NXT light sensor.
Motor Motor class.
MotorPort This version of the MotorPort class supports a motor connected to a remote NXT
NXT Abstraction for the local NXT device.
NXTFrame Graphical representation of the NXT on the PC, used for emulation of LCD and Button.
NXTMotor Abstraction for an NXT motor with no speed regulation.
SensorPort Port class.
Sound Sound class.
SoundSensor Abstraction for a NXT sound sensor.
TouchSensor Abstraction for a NXT touch sensor.
UltrasonicSensor Abstraction for a NXT Ultrasonic Sensor.

Package lejos.nxt Description

Access to NXT sensors, motors, etc.