Package lejos.pc.charting

Interface Summary
LoggerListener Change listener to notify of events when log data has been recieved, a data stream EOF has occurred, a comment has been received, and header defs have been changed by the NXT-side lejos.util.NXTDataLogger.

Class Summary
CachingInputStream Provide a read-ahead buffer input stream of bytes.
ChartingLogger Swing application entry point for NXT Charting Logger GUI client
CustomChartPanel JPanel acting as a container for the LoggingChart ChartPanel, domain slider, x-y label, and rowcount label.
DataItem Each logged data item is represented by a DataItem instance which provide the value as a wrapper and it's datatype.
DataLogger This class provides the PC side of the lejos.util.NXTDataLogger counterpart running on the NXT.
LoggerComms Provides a general connection manager on the PC that provides an InputStream and OutputStream from/to the NXTDataLogger running on the NXT.
LoggerProtocolManager This class provides the communications protocol manager for receiving and processing messages from the lejos.util.NXTDataLogger class.