Class NXTCommFantom

  extended by lejos.pc.comm.NXTCommUSB
      extended by lejos.pc.comm.NXTCommFantom
All Implemented Interfaces:
lejos.internal.jni.JNIClass, NXTCommRequest, NXTComm

public class NXTCommFantom
extends NXTCommUSB
implements lejos.internal.jni.JNIClass

Implementation of NXTComm using the the LEGO Fantom API. Currently only supports USB access. The Fantom read function when using Bluetooth seems to be broken, it does not work if the amount of data available to be read does not match the amount of data requested. So for now we only support USB. Notes The Fantom read and write functions have a built in timeout period of 20 seconds. This module assumes that this timeout exists and uses it to timeout some requests. Should not be used directly - use NXTCommFactory to create an appropriate NXTComm object for your system and the protocol you are using.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean initialize(lejos.internal.jni.JNILoader jnil)
          Return false, if the
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Constructor Detail


public NXTCommFantom()
Method Detail


public boolean initialize(lejos.internal.jni.JNILoader jnil)
                   throws lejos.internal.jni.JNIException
Description copied from interface: lejos.internal.jni.JNIClass
Return false, if the

Specified by:
initialize in interface lejos.internal.jni.JNIClass
jnil - instance of JNILoader
false, if the class is not suitable for this platform
lejos.internal.jni.JNIException - if something went wrong loading the JNI library