Interface Summary
FileDrop.Listener Implement this inner interface to listen for when files are dropped.
FileDrop.TransferableObject.Fetcher Instead of passing your data directly to the FileDrop.TransferableObject constructor, you may want to know exactly when your data was received in case you need to remove it from its source (or do anyting else to it).
NXJFlashUI Interface to provide a notification UI mechanism for the flash update process.

Class Summary
CLIToolProgressMonitor Simple implementation of ToolProgressMonitor with output to System.out.
Console Deprecated. use instead
ConsoleViewComms Contains the logic for connecting to RConsole on the NXT and downloading data.
ConsoleViewer Deprecated. use instead
DataViewer Deprecated. use instead
ExtendedFileModel Swing Table Model for manipulating NXT files.
FileDrop This class makes it easy to drag and drop files from the operating system to a Java program.
FileDrop.Event This is the event that is passed to the filesDropped(...) method in your FileDropListener when files are dropped onto a registered drop target.
FileDrop.TransferableObject At last an easy way to encapsulate your custom objects for dragging and dropping in your Java programs! When you need to create a Transferable object, use this class to wrap your object.
Gauge Swing Gauge Component for displaying the value of a NXT sensor.
LabeledGauge A Swing JPanel that displays a gauge with a label
NXJBrowser Graphical file browser for leJOS NXJ.
NXJConsole Console output monitor class.
NXJConsoleViewer Downloads data from the RConsole running on a NXT.
Uses USB by default, or Bluetooth if selected from buttons.
NXJControl Graphical control center for leJOS NXJ.
NXJDataViewer Downloads data from the DataLogger running on a NXT
Uses Bluetooth or USB
To use BlueTooth, click "Use Bluetooth" before "Connect"
When the status is "Connected", click "Start Download"
If you want to resend, press any button except ESC on the NXT, then click "Start Download"
You can run another download session, but you have to connect again.
NXJFlashG GUI application to write the leJOS Virtual Machine and Menu system to the NXT Flash.
NXJFlashUpdate Class to allow the updating and verification of the leJOS firmware.
NXJLink Tiny VM.
NXJLinkAndUpload Command-line utility that links and uploads NXJ programs in one call
NXJLinkAndUploadCommandLineParser CommandLineParser
NXJMapCommand MapCommand shows a mapped area and allow navigation commands to be sent to the NXT.
NXJMonitor Monitors sensors and motors of NXT using LCP.
NXJSocketProxy Socket Proxy for NXT Has two main functions.
NXJUpload Command-line utility to upload a linked binary to the NXT.
NXTConnectionModel A table model for PC GUI programs.
SensorPanel JPanel that displays two gauges: one for the raw and one for the scaled value of a NXT sensor.
SocketProxy Deprecated. use instead
Upload Utility class used by the nxj and nxjupload command line tools.

Exception Summary