Icommand technology

iCommand is a Java package to control the NXT brick over a Bluetooth connection. It uses the standard Lego NXT firmware to receive commands from Java code on your computer (WIndows, Linux, Macintosh or Windows Mobile). iCommand was released in 2006 so that people could start programming the NXT in Java while leJOS NXJ was in development. Even though leJOS NXJ is now available there are still valid reasons to use iCommand, including memory and screen display issues. In the future we will try to make iCommand compatible with the leJOS NXJ firmware.


Disclaimer: Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. Lego Mindstorms is a trademark of the LEGO Group. There is no association between Lego and leJOS or Sun and leJOS, or even between Lego and Sun as far as we know.

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