Windows Intallation of leJOS

The only difference between the Unix distributions and the win32 distributions of leJOS is that the latter ones contain Windows executables. These executables depend on the CygWin B20.1 DLL, which is distributed in the bin directory, and are meant to be run from a DOS console. To run leJOS from a CygWin console, you should download the Unix distribution, or run make.

To install leJOS:

  • Unzip the file you downloaded. A top directory, lejos, is already provided.
  • Set RCXTTY to the IR serial port, e.g. set RCXTTY=COM2.
  • Both the JDK's and leJOS' bin directories should be in your PATH.

Under Windows 95/98, you might want to create a batch file that sets these variables, and specify that batch file in the Program properties of a DOS console shortcut; or set them in C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Testing the Release

To run the View example, go to the lejos directory and type:

            cd examples\view
            set CLASSPATH=.
            lejosc *.java
            lejos View

Press Run to start the program. This example allows you to test sensors and motors. Press View to select a sensor or motor. Press Run to activate or passivate a device. Press Prgm to change sensor mode or motor power. To exit this program, press On/Off.


Disclaimer: Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. Lego Mindstorms is a trademark of the LEGO Group. There is no association between Lego and leJOS or Sun and leJOS, or even between Lego and Sun as far as we know.

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