Package lejos.nxt.remote

Remote NXT access over Bluetooth


Interface Summary
NXTCommRequest Interface that all NXTComm implementation classes must implement for low-level communication with the NXT.
NXTProtocol LEGO Communication Protocol constants.

Class Summary
AsciizCodec Methods to encode and decode ASCIIZ.
DeviceInfo Represents a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
ErrorMessages Error messages that can be returned after a call to the NXT brick.
FileInfo Structure that gives information about a leJOS NXJ file.
FirmwareInfo Firmware information for a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
InputValues Sensor input values for a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
NXJFirmwareInfo Information about leJOS NXJ firmware and menu
NXTCommand Sends LCP requests to the NXT and receives replies.
OutputState Container for holding the output state values.
RemoteBattery Battery readings from a remote NXT.
RemoteMotor Motor class.
RemoteMotorPort Supports a motor connected to a remote NXT

Exception Summary

Package lejos.nxt.remote Description

Remote NXT access over Bluetooth