Class DataLogger

  extended by lejos.pc.charting.DataLogger

public class DataLogger
extends java.lang.Object

This class provides the PC side of the lejos.util.NXTDataLogger counterpart running on the NXT. One instance per log session. The session ends when the NXT ends the connection.

Kirk P. Thompson
See Also:
LoggerComms, lejos.util.NXTDataLogger

Constructor Summary
DataLogger(LoggerProtocolManager lpm, java.io.File logFile, boolean fileAppend)
          Create a DataLogger instance.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public DataLogger(LoggerProtocolManager lpm,
                  java.io.File logFile,
                  boolean fileAppend)
Create a DataLogger instance. If valid, the passed passed logfile is opened and the logging output is written to it.

This class registers an internal LoggerListener implementation to receive the logging events from LoggerProtocolManager.

lpm - The LoggerProtocolManager instance that is managing the NXT communication
logFile - The log file File to write output to.
fileAppend - If false, the specified file will be overwritten if exists.
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