Package lejos.robotics.objectdetection

Object detection classes.


Interface Summary
Feature A Feature is an interface for information retrieved about an object detected by sensors.
FeatureDetector A FeatureDetector is capable of detecting objects and notifying listeners when it detects something.
FeatureListener Any class implementing this interface and registering with a FeatureDetector will receive notifications when a feature is detected.

Class Summary
FeatureDetectorAdapter An adapter to make it easier to implement FeatureDetector classes.
FusorDetector If you have a robot with multiple sensors (touch and range) and would like them to report to one listener, or if you want to control them at the same time (such as disabling them all at once) you can use this class.
RangeFeature This class is a basic data container for information retrieved about an object detected by sensors.
RangeFeatureDetector The RangeFeatureDetector used a RangeFinder to locate objects (known as features when mapping).
TouchFeatureDetector This class allows a touch sensor to be used as a defacto range sensor by reporting the position of the touch sensor to the object detection API.

Package lejos.robotics.objectdetection Description

Object detection classes.