Package lejos.robotics

Hardware abstraction interfaces for the robotics package.


Interface Summary
Accelerometer Interface for Acceleration sensors
BaseMotor Base motor interface.
Clock Interface for real time clock devices
ColorDetector This interface defines the methods of a generic ColorDetector object.
DCMotor Interface for a regular DC motor.
DirectionFinder Abstraction for compasses and other devices than return the heading of a robot.
Encoder Abstraction for the tachometer built into NXT motors.
EncoderMotor An EncoderMotor is a platform independent interface for an unregulated motor that also has basic tachometer functions.
Gyroscope Abstraction for Gryoscope defines minimal implementation
LampLightDetector Interface for a light sensor that also includes a lamp (usually LED) to provide illumination.
LightDetector A platform independent implementation for sensors that can detect white light levels.
LinearActuator Interface that defines the minimal implementation for a Linear Actuator device.
PressureDetector Interface for pressure sensors.
RangeFinder Abstraction for a range finder sensor that returns the distance to the nearest object
RangeScanner Abstraction for a single range scanning sensor, rotating platform with a range finder, or a complete robot, that obtains a set of range readings at a set of angles to# the robot's heading.
RegulatedMotor Interface for encoded motors without limited range of movement (e.g.
RegulatedMotorListener This interface defines a listener that is notified of the tachometer when the motor starts and stops rotating.
Servo Abstraction for a range-limited servo motor.
Tachometer Abstraction for a Tachometer, which monitors speed of the encoder.
Touch Abstraction for touch sensors

Class Summary
Color Representation of a color, used by color sensors and color detectors.
LightScanner Software abstraction of a light sensor rotating in a horizontal plane, driven by a motor.
MirrorMotor This class returns a motor that rotates in the reverse direction of a regular motor.
RangeReading Represent a single range reading
RangeReadings Represents a set of range readings.
RotatingRangeScanner Implementation of RangeScanner with a rotating ultrasonic sensor or other range finder

Package lejos.robotics Description

Hardware abstraction interfaces for the robotics package.