Package lejos.pc.comm

Communication from the PC to the NXT


Interface Summary
NXTComm Interface that all NXTComm implementation classes must implement for low-level communication with the NXT.
NXTCommLogListener Listener for log events

Class Summary
NXTCommandConnector Used by remote execution leJOS API classes to create a connection to a NXTCommand (LCP) connection to the NXT.
NXTCommBluecove Implementation of NXTComm using the Bluecove libraries on Microsoft Windows.
NXTCommBluez Implementation of NXTComm using the the jbluez library on Linux or Unix systems.
NXTCommFactory Creates a version of NXTComm appropriate to the OS in use and protocol (Bluetooth or USB) that is requested.
NXTCommFantom Implementation of NXTComm using the the LEGO Fantom API.
NXTCommInputStream Implementation of InputStream over NXTComm using Bluetooth.
NXTCommLibnxt Implementation of NXTComm over USB using libnxt.
NXTCommLoggable Abstract class that allows inheriting class to register and use log listeners.
NXTCommOutputStream Implementation of OutputStream over NXTComm using Bluetooth.
NXTCommUSB Base Implementation of NXTComm for USB This module implements two types of I/O over USB.
NXTConnector Connects to a NXT using Bluetooth or USB (or either) and supplies input and output data streams.
NXTInfo Structure containing information about a specific NXT and the potential connections to it.
NXTSamba Implements a sub-set of the Atmel SAM-BA download protocol.
SystemContext Deprecated. will be replaced

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
BlueZException Exception thrown by the jbluez library.
NXTCommException An exception thrown by a NXTComm implementation.

Package lejos.pc.comm Description

Communication from the PC to the NXT